The correct form of running

correct form of runningRunning is an easy activity. You just get in some comfortable clothes, a pair of cleats and just do what is faster than walking. But is it really that simple or is it just the tip of the iceberg. I used to believe so until I was enlightened by a colleague of mine. In this article, I will share with you the proper form of running so that you can benefit the most from this form of exercise.

Suitable strides

Suitable stridesYou might think the longer the stride the faster you will finish. Well, you are correct, sort of. It’s true that longer stride will lead to more grounds being cover and thus, shorter time to finish the lap. However, if you increase your stride length too much, you are doing what is called over striding. This will help you cover more ground on the first few steps but just after a few hundred meters, you will get uncomfortable and tired really quick. At that moment, if that goes on, you could seriously injured. Therefore, you should take short and light steps and don’t extend your leg beyond you’re the point of feeling uncomfortable.

Running tall

By that, I mean running with your back vertically straight, you could also lean slightly to the front in order to propel the body forward. This form will help you benefit more from this exercise than any other forms. What’s more, It will make you appear much more confident, which can actually make you feel confident with each stride as well.

Move forwards

By this, I really mean moving forward in a straight line. Lots of runners make unnecessary side to side movements, especially with the arms. Imagine a straight line that divides your body in half, each of your arms must not move past that line under any circumstances. That will propel you forward much more effectively. Another thing is the movement of the eyes. You are not running on a minefield so there is absolutely no need to check your feet every time and thus, always keep your eyes straight to see where you are going and not on the roads or your shoes.

Stay relaxed

When you are under stressed, nothing you do can be accomplished efficiently; therefore, stay calm and enjoy the process of running. Keep your hands loose and your shoulder relaxed as if you are holding an egg in your hand. Also, swing your arms just right, underdo it and you will not move very fast, whereas overdoing it will lead to tiredness much faster

Know your limit

If you have only started running, don’t run long distance because your body are not used to that. Try something easy like switching between short sprints and normal running continuously. Take a break or get some water if it is too much then repeat again and increase the difficulty as you progress.

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