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Lull mattress review

Lull Mattress Review


I bought the Lull mattress 3 weeks ago and after spending time laying on it, I was very pleased with the experience. So I’m thinking about sharing my thoughts about this product for everyone. This is a gel memory foam mattress that you could sink yourself in and fall into sleep without even notice. But I must say this is not a mattress for everybody. While foam mattress lover would definite love it, other may love it or hate it for many reasons. Now, let’s dig in to see what is good about this mattress with my lull mattress review.

Reasons to buy

Reason to buy


Made for foam lover – For memory lovers, this is no doubt a product that you would probably not want to miss. Memory foams are becoming pretty popular these days, and it does happen for no reason. They could offer exceptional comfort and support and the Lull mattress does it in the best possible way with the most reasonable price.

Good for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleeper – This foam mattress is good for pretty any sleep positions. I’ve tried side, back, and stomach sleep and all these positions make me feel comfortable. The most mattress that I’ve tried before only works with one or two position, but this one is really different.

If you like firm mattress – Yeah I must say that this is a firm mattress and it’s not for everyone though. I do feel this mattress is pretty firm on my first try. But then the manufacturer offer me a mattress topper and things change from that moment. The mattress doesn’t feel firm anymore (or it’s just my feeling). But even though I still recommend this for firm mattress lovers.

Great mattress for people with back problems – This is really nice if you’re having back problems. The foam is made with high-quality material that will embrace your back and give it the needed support, therefore stop the annoying pain. And it is good for pregnant women too because their back also suffers a lot of pain.

Reasonable price – A

Reasons not to buy


nd did I mention the price, I must say that there is only few mattress in the market that has priced this good. If you like firm foam mattress, you should really try this.

Great customer services – Like I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t like the mattress in the first place. And when I call these guys, they’ve been pretty amazing. They offer me a topper and they also have a 100-day return policy, in which you could return the mattress even after 100 days if you don’t like it. And they do it very probably, not like other which I wouldn’t mention.

Reason for not buying

You may prefer other softer or bouncier foam mattress – Because as I’ve mentioned, this is a firm mattress that might not fit for anybody.

Other than that, I couldn’t find any reason for not buying this great piece of mattress.

Macy’s hotel collection down comforter

Hotel collection


Macy has always been everyone’s number one choice when it comes to shopping for clothing, accessories, and bedding. And in this post, I’m going to introduce their famous Hotel collection of comforters. All products are available only in Macy’s store chain.

Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Heavyweight Comforters

Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Heavyweight Comforters


Here is a luxury goose down comforter in the hotel collection. This comforter has 3 different dimensions from full, queen, and king for you to choose. It is featured with super soft down fill, 500-thread-count cover and a heavyweight design to keep you warm and cozy even on the coldest winter nights. The 500-thread-count cover prevents any down from escaping the comforter. The fill is made with Hypoallergenic and Ultraclean goose down. With 700 fill power, it’ll definitely be perfect for cold areas, but the soft and breathable cover also make this a decent down comforter for summer. This is a pretty good choice if you seriously want to upgrade your bed to prepare for a cold winter and are looking for a heavy-weight down comforter.



Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Medium Weight Comforters

Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Medium Weight Comforters


The next on our list is a medium weight comforter so be ready to check it out if you’re looking for one. This one is filled with Ultraclean and hypoallergenic goose down, it also has 700 fill power but with medium weight. If you’re looking for a warm and comfort comforter while still has a medium weight then this is the one for you. The 500-thread-count cover will guarantee that the down can escape your comforter. The product has 4 available dimensions on Macy’s website, the normal twin and full is perfect if you has a normal size bed while the queen and king will make your bed looks more luxury.




Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Lightweight Comforters

Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Light Weight Comforters


This is the last one in our list, the lightest in Macy’s hotel collection and also my favorite. Since I love light weight comforters. Not because I didn’t like the other two but I’m just more into light comforters. This product is covered with a 500-thread-count cover that can prevent any down from escaping and it is also really soft and comfort. And of course, the down fill is made from high-quality ultra clean and hypoallergenic goose down. This one also has 700 fill power so it’s still a good choice for the cold area, but I personally think this can also be a great choice if you’re living in a tropical area like me. And why? It is because of the soft and breathable cover, it does make me feel hot at all. And the weight is also a big factor. I’m very sensitive when it comes to sleep so a light weight comforter is a life savior to me. I feel most comfortable sleeping with this.

You should check out this comforter right away, they can be found at any Macy’s store or you can visit the product website for more detail. If you like the post, please visit my website for more useful information.

Orthopedic Mattress What Is It

Generally, an Orthopedic mattress is a type of mattress designed and structured to support the joints, back and the overall muscular skeletal body.
The Orthopedic mattress is a popular preference among people who are suffering from unceasing back pains and other muscular or skeletal conditions. Still, there are a quite number of people without any such troubling conditions who find the Orthopedic mattress as a comfortable and relaxing sleeping partner.

There are instances wherein these mattresses are occasionally referred to as orthopedic beds.
In order to clear up coinage or term confusion, an orthopedic bed is simply a bed comprised of a memory foam mattress and a bed frame which can be physically and mechanically adjusted on several position points.Benefits And Comfort

There are people who will try to purchase an Orthopedic mattress just to acquire a high quality bed that can provide them true comfort and a sound sleep compared to a standard coil spring bed. There are also people who are too conscious and are skeptic about the true comfort an orthopedic mattress can provide them as they are bothered by the possibility that, in the long run, the support that was originally present in these types of mattresses will vanish over time. However, all types of beds are like these. If your mattress is not as supportive a cushion as it was originally, or if the bed has already has lost its attractive shape, then it is about time that you replace it immediately.

Moreover, there are folks who obviously purchase an orthopedic mattress because their physical condition requires the aid and support of memory foam material. Orthopedic mattresses are essentially created from these materials.  Memory foam or Visco elastic foam helps a person relieve tension and stress on the painful parts of his body. It allows the blood to freely circulate through the minimal occurrence of pressure points. It can also reduce constant toss and turn and will help you gain a sound and peaceful sleep all through the night.Support

An orthopedic mattress essentially provides support and comfort to the body through its exceptional ability to act in response to pressure and heat. The natural sensitivity to pressure and heat allows it to contour itself into the person’s body shape, thus offering superior and excellent support and comfort. Considered also as a unique feature of memory foam is that after its use, the mattress will recover its natural shape, thus the term “memory.