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Some things to look out for when buying a portable battery jumper

Imagine this: getting everything done and ready for your work. When you head to the car, it won’t start no matter what and you have found out that the battery is dead. In that position, having a jump starter right at home would be perfect. It will give you an emergency kick start, which saves you from being late for work. In this article, we will dig a little deeper on how you can buy this piece of equipment yourself.

Price, style, features

battery jump starter


These 3 features go hand in hand with each other. The more money you’ll pay, the better the design will be and the more functions your device will have. That’s the general rule but it is not hard and fast. The best price you paid might not give you the best choice. The stunning design of a certain device might compromise its features and the one with many features might put a burden on your wallet. What you need to look for first of all is jump starter capability and then other additional features.


This means how powerful the jump starter is, which means how fast it can revive your car’s dead battery. If you have completely used up the car battery by leaving the lights on for too long, for instance, only a powerful jump starter can do the trick.



However, the downside is that the more powerful the machine, the heavier it will be and the more expensive it will be as well.


The standard usage is negative to negative and positive to positive, as simple as that. With the advancement of technology, some machines may have a slightly different modifications but the idea is the same. You need to look for something easy to maneuver and with easy to open clamp. Those two factors determine how easy it is to use this machine.

 Portable or not

If you plan to use this at home only, because you will not drive anywhere faraway, then you won’t need this feature. However, if you are an avid traveler who drives a lot to work and to travel, this is an important criterion to consider. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of somewhere faraway from any repair shop because of a dead battery. Specifically for this, please refer to this link to help you choose the best portable jump starter.

What To Remember When We Make The Tent At The Night

Camping – especially camping overnight, today is not new to young people. Young people, who do not want to try to experience the feeling of overnight in a wilderness. There seems to be a strong attraction between the starry sky, the ocean waves, the dawn on the head, or the silence of the late night, the fire and the barbecue prepared by your hands.

Making tent at night


However, not everyone can know all of the experiences, be aware of the need to make a night camping trip, especially for first time newcomers who experience this feeling for the first time. . So, if you are planning on camping outdoors this summer, please refer to some of the tips below. Besides, you can go here for more information on the best 8 person tent on the market today.

1. Complete the camp before sunset

Complete the tent before sunset


Having spent a long day in the woods, you are sure to have a great time, especially for those who are new to camping. Finding a place with the right terrain to do is the most important thing at the moment. But there are some stores for you:

You need to choose a location with flat terrain, around the open air. Especially, if you camp in the forest, should pay attention to the choice of places near the stream for the convenience of living. If at sea, make sure your camp is not affected by the tide up or down.

Choosing the location must be decided in the morning, because in natural places, away from the population, it will be dark because there is no light around. At that time, you will find it hard to find a way and set up camp.

Tenting in the morning is also convenient for checking the surrounding environment, cleaning, and clearing, and to prevent insects from appearing in your camp at night.

2. Choose the right sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are an unforgettable item on camping trips, especially if you are camping. Having a good night’s sleep is important for recovery after a long day. Therefore, choosing the right sleeping bag for yourself and the weather in your destination must be focused as soon as you prepare the luggage. A lightweight sleeping bag can be suitable for summer or warm months, but if you go in winter, you must check how many sleeping bags you can tolerate.

Choose the right sleeping bag


Regarding materials, the synthetic fiber sleeping bags will dry quickly if wet, easy to fold and not allergenic. Also, you can choose versatile sleeping bags – lightweight and easy to carry.

3. Food and drink

One principle in preparing your luggage when you go far away, go camping: Bring only the right and what is needed, especially with food. This will help to reduce the weight of excess equipment and will help you to bring additional practicalities. For example, a bag of corn milk powder with 40 small bags, you just carry the amount you need, not carry a big bag. Be specific, make sure you have enough water for the day. If you go camping, bring your water tank, not dependent on you to go along. If your trip is long, you should bring disinfectants to use the water in the streams, rivers along the way.

Note: Do not leave a trail of camping

To protect wildlife and its wild beauty, when you leave, clean the garbage, especially inorganic waste. Prepare your bags for trash. Take a bath and make personal hygienic a 60m water source. Many local people do not have tap water but have to use natural water for the living. Please return the original state of the environment as you came

Baby head down: A sign of labor



Having a baby is the best experience that human can ever have. Especially when you are a mother. The amazing feeling of having another life inside you can’t be described by any word. A child’s birth is probably the most important event of every family. And I’m sure that parents, especially new couples will definitely want to know when will their babies are born. One of the most noticeable sign is when your baby head down. This repositioning is to prepare for your child to say his (or her) first hello to the world. But not many people know how to tell the different. So how can you tell if your baby is head down?

Here are some tips for you:

Baby head down


Touch the lower part of your belly, if you feel something round and soft it should be the baby’s bottom, but if it is something hard and round it could be the baby’s head. In this case, your baby is head down and ready to make his (or her) entrance.

If you no longer feel pain at the part near the ribs area anymore, instead, the pain move to the lower belly part near the pelvis then your baby is head down.

One of the most noticeable sign is that you feel your baby kicks high and near the ribs area. It is because your baby is head down and his (or her) legs has switched place with the head.

You can ask your partner to listen to the baby heartbeat. If they are at a lower position than before then your baby is head down.

How to help your baby head down:

Help baby head down


Although there is also a high chance that your baby will head down during your labor but you can help yourself by doing this. Crawl on the floor with your front part of the body heads down and your belly heads up. Do this each 5 minutes for about 30 minutes a day. This will help the baby to head down easier. Remember to avoid doing this too much because it could do more harm than good to your baby. Or you can try to sleep on your belly with cushion for support. And you shouldn’t put your legs up while lying because your baby will move to the posterior position.

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t freak out in this stage. Just keep calm and everything will be just fine.