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How does a chicken lay an egg?

It’s funny because many people that I’ve meet are still thinking that hens need a rooster to lay an egg. And they also think that if being properly incubated, all eggs will eventually hatch. As an expert poultry farmer, I consider that it’s my duty to provide them some of the most basic information about this matter. And I’m sure all of you would want to know about the creation of an egg, in this case, it’s chicken.

Laying egg


The birth of a chicken egg is as magical and interesting as the pregnancy of women, there is a lot of awesome stuff that I’m sure not many of you know.

About the laying

The laying


It’s not like most people always thought that hens need a rooster to be able to lay eggs. Your hen will continually lay an egg each day whether the rooster is the presence or not. Normally, a hen will lay no more than one egg per day. It’s because of an awesome natural mechanism that controls the production of chicken eggs. The process will be affected by the presence of the light (in a normal situation, it’s the sun). Light from the sun will contact with the hen’s eyes and trigger the eggs production. And usually, when the day ends, an egg should be staying under the hen’s nest. That’s why in winter when the light is often less than other seasons, your chicken will lay less egg. Today, we could trick the hens by using artificial lights, like a light bulb or something like that. This could replace the sunlight’s role in triggering the chicks to lay eggs. But beware natural has its own balance, don’t push your hens too much when it’s is unnecessary. This could affect its, egg producing ability in the long run.

The laying process

For those who don’t know, there is a simple fact about the laying of a chicken egg. All of the eggs that you eat every day come from the hole that chicken poop get out. My husband has screamed and yelled that he’ll never eat eggs ever again. It’s normal to think like that in the first place, but don’t feel gross just yet. The eggs already have a shell that covers it from mostly anything. So don’t you imagine something weird when eating your omelet!

Hen and egg


Back to the topic, each day when the sun rises your chicken will receive the signal from the sunlight and start producing the eggs. The developed yolk from the ovary will start to travel to the chicken’s oviduct. And it’ll stay inside the place to receive a white yolk cover around it. But it’ll not leave the oviduct until the whole egg is cover by a hard protective shell. When this is done, your hen is ready to lay the egg.

Before the laying, your hen will start to scream and find a safe place for the egg to come out. Usually, it’ll lay the egg into its own nest. And what come it must come out, the egg will travel through the oviduct to the everted uterus and finally where the poop come out.

If you want to have a fertile egg for incubation, your rooster must mate with the hens during the developing process of the eggs when they’re still in the ovary. At this time, the egg cover hasn’t formed yet so the sperms are allowed to get through. When one sperm gets through, the cover will automatically form and prevent all other sperms from having access. After that, the chicken will lay the fertile eggs like normal ones. When you’ve had your fertile eggs, what you gonna need is an egg incubator or a hen to do the job.