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Lull mattress review

Lull Mattress Review


I bought the Lull mattress 3 weeks ago and after spending time laying on it, I was very pleased with the experience. So I’m thinking about sharing my thoughts about this product for everyone. This is a gel memory foam mattress that you could sink yourself in and fall into sleep without even notice. But I must say this is not a mattress for everybody. While foam mattress lover would definite love it, other may love it or hate it for many reasons. Now, let’s dig in to see what is good about this mattress with my lull mattress review.

Reasons to buy

Reason to buy


Made for foam lover – For memory lovers, this is no doubt a product that you would probably not want to miss. Memory foams are becoming pretty popular these days, and it does happen for no reason. They could offer exceptional comfort and support and the Lull mattress does it in the best possible way with the most reasonable price.

Good for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleeper – This foam mattress is good for pretty any sleep positions. I’ve tried side, back, and stomach sleep and all these positions make me feel comfortable. The most mattress that I’ve tried before only works with one or two position, but this one is really different.

If you like firm mattress – Yeah I must say that this is a firm mattress and it’s not for everyone though. I do feel this mattress is pretty firm on my first try. But then the manufacturer offer me a mattress topper and things change from that moment. The mattress doesn’t feel firm anymore (or it’s just my feeling). But even though I still recommend this for firm mattress lovers.

Great mattress for people with back problems – This is really nice if you’re having back problems. The foam is made with high-quality material that will embrace your back and give it the needed support, therefore stop the annoying pain. And it is good for pregnant women too because their back also suffers a lot of pain.

Reasonable price – A

Reasons not to buy


nd did I mention the price, I must say that there is only few mattress in the market that has priced this good. If you like firm foam mattress, you should really try this.

Great customer services – Like I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t like the mattress in the first place. And when I call these guys, they’ve been pretty amazing. They offer me a topper and they also have a 100-day return policy, in which you could return the mattress even after 100 days if you don’t like it. And they do it very probably, not like other which I wouldn’t mention.

Reason for not buying

You may prefer other softer or bouncier foam mattress – Because as I’ve mentioned, this is a firm mattress that might not fit for anybody.

Other than that, I couldn’t find any reason for not buying this great piece of mattress.

Macy’s hotel collection down comforter

Hotel collection


Macy has always been everyone’s number one choice when it comes to shopping for clothing, accessories, and bedding. And in this post, I’m going to introduce their famous Hotel collection of comforters. All products are available only in Macy’s store chain.

Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Heavyweight Comforters

Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Heavyweight Comforters


Here is a luxury goose down comforter in the hotel collection. This comforter has 3 different dimensions from full, queen, and king for you to choose. It is featured with super soft down fill, 500-thread-count cover and a heavyweight design to keep you warm and cozy even on the coldest winter nights. The 500-thread-count cover prevents any down from escaping the comforter. The fill is made with Hypoallergenic and Ultraclean goose down. With 700 fill power, it’ll definitely be perfect for cold areas, but the soft and breathable cover also make this a decent down comforter for summer. This is a pretty good choice if you seriously want to upgrade your bed to prepare for a cold winter and are looking for a heavy-weight down comforter.



Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Medium Weight Comforters

Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Medium Weight Comforters


The next on our list is a medium weight comforter so be ready to check it out if you’re looking for one. This one is filled with Ultraclean and hypoallergenic goose down, it also has 700 fill power but with medium weight. If you’re looking for a warm and comfort comforter while still has a medium weight then this is the one for you. The 500-thread-count cover will guarantee that the down can escape your comforter. The product has 4 available dimensions on Macy’s website, the normal twin and full is perfect if you has a normal size bed while the queen and king will make your bed looks more luxury.




Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Lightweight Comforters

Hotel Collection European White Goose Down Light Weight Comforters


This is the last one in our list, the lightest in Macy’s hotel collection and also my favorite. Since I love light weight comforters. Not because I didn’t like the other two but I’m just more into light comforters. This product is covered with a 500-thread-count cover that can prevent any down from escaping and it is also really soft and comfort. And of course, the down fill is made from high-quality ultra clean and hypoallergenic goose down. This one also has 700 fill power so it’s still a good choice for the cold area, but I personally think this can also be a great choice if you’re living in a tropical area like me. And why? It is because of the soft and breathable cover, it does make me feel hot at all. And the weight is also a big factor. I’m very sensitive when it comes to sleep so a light weight comforter is a life savior to me. I feel most comfortable sleeping with this.

You should check out this comforter right away, they can be found at any Macy’s store or you can visit the product website for more detail. If you like the post, please visit my website for more useful information.

Baby head down: A sign of labor



Having a baby is the best experience that human can ever have. Especially when you are a mother. The amazing feeling of having another life inside you can’t be described by any word. A child’s birth is probably the most important event of every family. And I’m sure that parents, especially new couples will definitely want to know when will their babies are born. One of the most noticeable sign is when your baby head down. This repositioning is to prepare for your child to say his (or her) first hello to the world. But not many people know how to tell the different. So how can you tell if your baby is head down?

Here are some tips for you:

Baby head down


Touch the lower part of your belly, if you feel something round and soft it should be the baby’s bottom, but if it is something hard and round it could be the baby’s head. In this case, your baby is head down and ready to make his (or her) entrance.

If you no longer feel pain at the part near the ribs area anymore, instead, the pain move to the lower belly part near the pelvis then your baby is head down.

One of the most noticeable sign is that you feel your baby kicks high and near the ribs area. It is because your baby is head down and his (or her) legs has switched place with the head.

You can ask your partner to listen to the baby heartbeat. If they are at a lower position than before then your baby is head down.

How to help your baby head down:

Help baby head down


Although there is also a high chance that your baby will head down during your labor but you can help yourself by doing this. Crawl on the floor with your front part of the body heads down and your belly heads up. Do this each 5 minutes for about 30 minutes a day. This will help the baby to head down easier. Remember to avoid doing this too much because it could do more harm than good to your baby. Or you can try to sleep on your belly with cushion for support. And you shouldn’t put your legs up while lying because your baby will move to the posterior position.

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t freak out in this stage. Just keep calm and everything will be just fine.

The Bad Effects Of Cheap Mattresses For Your Health

Cheap mattress


The mattress is an indispensable product in every family; it directly affects your health. You can not be subjective when choosing this product for your family, in this article I will help you to know the disadvantages of the poor quality mattress. So, you should know that the smart choice when buying the mattress from reputable brands, with stringent quality assurance. Especially the products about folding memory foam mattresses. Please refer to the following address for more information about Best Folding Memory Foam Mattress.

Psychologically Take A Cheap Product Of The Customer

Buying psychology


With the psychology of buying cheap products, many people ignore the information about the product but only pay attention to price, shape, size outside. Only after using the product over a period will they detect the quality of the problematic product to learn thoroughly, and they will be shocked to find that the cushion is cheap that the store. Advertising is just buffering …… reworked from small craft workshops. Even when they discover a counterfeit product or a counterfeit product, they will notify you of their unwarranted status. Many consumers will find embarrassed; they like lost some money. Especially the stores on the street, the mattress products are sold at very low prices, the owners always advertise or about their products. To deceive consumers, and items like this often move constantly, if you find them difficult. The habits or lack of knowledge of the quality products as well as the “cheapness” and “easygoing” in the matter of choosing a mattress, it has led consumers to the wrong choice leads to harm. In the health of the family.

You Should Not Buy Poor Quality Products

Poor quality products


Mattress quality is not clear; poor quality products do not ensure the air will create an environment for bacteria to grow, very light cotton dust and small can cause respiratory infections, allergies to Chemicals … The dust from the pillow, unsafe pill can cause respiratory infections, especially traumatic for children. The products you use, the dust from the blanket will directly enter the respiratory tract, causing shortness of breath, long-term asthma, chronic respiratory infection … very dangerous to the health of the elderly and children, people Sickness

You Should Buy Products Of Origin, Clear Quality 

To protect the health experienced experts recommend, consumers should use the mattress genuine or at least also clear origin, avoid the purchase of counterfeit, bad quality long-term effects. To health. You should avoid products of petrochemical products, perspiration, stiffness and discomfort, poor color fastness, less breathable, easy to facilitate bacterial growth, accumulation, or dust caused inflammatory diseases. Chronic respiratory infections, chemical allergies.

The Benefits Of Buying Good Mattresses

Good mattress


Instead of poor quality mattresses, consumers should aim for “real value” when buying a product. That is the features, safety, the reliability of the product. Reputable manufacturers with skilled production staff, professional and friendly salespeople, consumers do not need to spend too much time shopping. Also, the products of the reputation firms have many advantages: eye-catching form, rich types, reasonable price, warranty and flexible sales, good after-sales customer care, many programs Gratitude gratifying customers attractive … When you look to buy reputable products, consumers can completely reassure choose good quality products, affordable.

Final Thoughs

Science has proven that one human spends one-third of their lives sleeping. So your health is extremely important, you can not be subjective with it. Look for good products, but the price is higher, but you will feel secure when using it. So the good folding memory foam products are the best choices for families, it will bring many benefits more than a few others.

Stuff to welcome the new family member

prepare for new family member


In order to welcome a new family member, you are going to need to acquire a few compulsory items. But what are those items exactly? Well, in this article, we will show just that. Here is what you need to have to prepare for the arrival of this latest family member.


Baby clothes are categorized according to age, but there can be a subtle difference between different brands. To avoid that, look for clothes with weight and height listed on the label to buy what best fits your child.

Note: Babies grow very quickly so you will need to buy the outfit of the next size in advance. A useful trick is to buy secondhand clothes from your neighbors, if you are having a first child that is. If not, accepting hand-down from older siblings is the way to go.




Since babies cannot use the toilette themselves just yet, you will need diapers to contain the baby’s “organic waste”. With so many brands of diapers on the market, it is advisable that you first do a quick tour on the internet.  Comparing price and pros and cons of each product will help you choose the best one for the baby.

Feeding bottle

Babies cannot digest solid food just yet, so this will help them take in the energy necessary for their development. Depend on how much food your child can consume, choose the one with a suitable opening so as to avoid choking the baby.





Since babies cannot walk in their early age, you will need something to carry them around to give you more maneuvering ability. For smaller babies, a carrier strap to the body will do just fine. For heavier ones, a stroller will be much more suitable.

Car seat

When you want to take the baby somewhere far, you will need this object so that the baby can sit safely in a moving vehicle. To help you with this matter, here is the complete list of the best convertible car seat for small cars 2017. This should help you decide what to buy a lot easier.

Crib and mattress



The baby will need somewhere to sleep and it cannot sleep with its parents just yet, so this is a must-have. Look for something that meets the safety standards, avoid buying used cribs and drop-side cribs. The latter is known to have caused many babies to pass away very young.

These things should cover most of the basic necessities of babies. If you want to know more about this matter, please have a look at our website, right here.