How to watch free movies

Ever since the release of the first films, movies have become one of the main entertaining activities. And nowadays, we don’t have to go to the cinema or theater just to watch a movie. You could enjoy frugal moments watching movies online at home. And what could be more tempting than being able to watch your favorite movies for free? Here is how you do it.

Free movies sites

Free movies sites


First, you’ll need a proper internet connection along with an internet-connected device. And the next thing you need to do is find a free movies website that allows you to stream movies at no cost. Here is the list of a few free movies sites that I often visit:


Now, this has always been a great choice for free movies users. Since its first launch on 2007, the website has always been a top free movies site. And even though the site has changed its domain for a couple of time, it’s still user’s number one choice.


This site work just like Putlocker, it doesn’t directly distribute any movies on the website. In fact, there are no movies on its server. All the movies you find on the website is from other sources.


This one is my new favorite free movies streaming site since it has one of the largest movie libraries online. And the website is completely legal to watch. That’s right, you won’t have to worry about piracy. All the movies are from other sites.When you watch free movies on cmovieshd, it only redirects users to the streaming sources (like Youtube, Dailymotion, 4share, Yoku,…). It’s like a free movies transition station online.

Find the movies

Find movies


And when you’ve found the site, the next thing to do is looking for your movies. Now, there is two way that you could find the movie you want to watch.

First, if you already know what movie you want to watch. Just type the name of the movies on the search box on the website front page. If you don’t know the movies name, you could also search by actors, directors,…

Second, when you haven’t decided what movie you going to watch. You can find your movies based on genre, country, years and other factors.

Some security notes

incognito mode


But everything has its two faces, and in this case, there is no exception. Since the website where you watch free movies doesn’t charge you money, they usually make money by using ads. It’s a little bit annoying but understandable.  But there is still some bad site that has a lot of ads and little real movies. So here is how you should do when watching free movies online:

  • Only choose from trusted source that has been confirmed by the user community.
  • Always visit the sites in incognito mode. This will make you appear invisible on the internet and could save you a whole lot of trouble.
  • You should equip some ads block programs or some antimalware and antivirus just in case. These ads can contain toxic programs, malware, and virus so just be careful.

That’s all for today. Enjoy your movies.

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